Professional skills

Reservoir characterization

  • Static and dynamic data synthesis, in order to qualify a field in term of potential and uncertainties, and define an acquisition and study program.
  • Structural, geological and petrophysical reservoir modeling including history matching and geostatistical applications
  • Reserves and accumulations computation.

Sedimentological interpretations

  • Sedimentological model from core facies to 3D architecture.
  • Geological model based on sedimentological model and litho-seismic study.

Well data interpretation

  • Petrophysical interpretation.
  • Geological interpretation (clustering, sequential analysis)
  • Well data synthesis and upscalling (Rock type definition)

Well data acquisition and operations

  • Logging program and operations follow-up


  • Reservoir modeling: Petrel, Irap
  • Log interpretation: Geolog6, Techlog, Powerlog
  • Seismic: Sismage, IESX


  • AAPG member – American association of petroleum geologists
  • SPE member – Society of Petroleum Engineer
  • Formation trainer registered (French Ministère du travail)