Consulting activity

My current consulting activity as senior reservoir geologist is centered around the following items :

Reservoir modelization studies : Support a multidiscipline team by direct intervention for data interpretation, well synthesis, sedimentological models, grid set-up, facies and petrophysical 3D modeling, volume assessment, model QC and history match.

Reservoir model expertise : define the modeling workflow, regarding the objectives of the study, the reservoir challenges, the available data, and the project environment on on-going studies. Review of existing internal or external models to identify strength and weak points, and define acquisition and working program.

Asset appreciation : Analyze a set of data including well data, petrophysical and geological models, dynamic data and synthesis, in order to assess the potential of assets for decision process (farm in, investment, development…).

Training /coaching: with possible link to operational studies, training and/or coaching of junior team in order to share reservoir experience.

Lectures: For exploration-production specialists about the reservoir characterization process (well data interpretation and synthesis, upscalling, modelization, dynamic synthesis). For other industrial actors, about the petroleum industry, reserves computation, energy future.